On May 19, I announced a prayer initiative for our church that will take us through 2020.  Actually, I was looking to start this prayer initiative in January of 2020, but I felt God telling me to start it now.  I call it the 20-20-20 plan.  It involves 20 people from the church praying for 20 minutes each on the 20th of every month.  Each person signs up to pray for a twenty minute period that begins at 1:40pm and ends at 8:20 pm.  I designed it this way so that the 20th person praying is doing so at the 20th hour of the day.  The idea is to have a concentrated and directed time of prayer for the ministry of our church that invites God to lead us to the ministry opportunities that will help us lead others to Jesus Christ.  Even though this first one was announced on short notice we had almost all of the time slots filled.  As we move forward with this in the coming months I will have some suggestions on some specific things we can be praying for during that 6 hour and 40 minute time period.  What I also want to make clear is that prayer isn’t limited to the 20 people who sign up.  The purpose of the sign-up sheet is to make sure we have every time slot covered so that prayer is constant on that day.  However, everyone is encouraged to take 20 minutes sometime during the day on the 20th of each month to pray for our church and the future of our ministry.  I believe that God will move in powerful ways through our prayers.